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The term Anthropocene was first used in a print in 2000 than in an article published in the journal Nature in 2002 by Nobel prize winner Paul Crutzen and Stoermer. This term was proposed due the Human-induced geological evolution causes irreversible physical changes, wounds and the determinant power of humanity itself on global and became a biological, chemical and geological factor. This period is believed to begin with the Industrial Revolution and followed permanently by the first atomic bomb which was detonated in the desert Alamogordo in New Mexico in 1945. Increasing needs of fuel with globalization to be met by fossil fuels with low entropy, unconscious land uses, the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere and ocean acidification by absorbing 30–40% of this amount of carbon dioxide emission, all happened in this present age and still continues.

McKenzie Wark wrote that Marx’s “all solid melts into air ” sentences suggest something different. Because  the only thing that managed to release is the carbon element.

This project starts out form a viable future concerns and the concept of sustainability. It gets people’s attention to the current permanent destruction between Earth and Human and makes it discussable.

Current world population

Forest loss today (hectares)

Energy used today (MWh)

Water consumed today (million L)

CO2 emissions today (tons)

Anthropocene;2016 , 6 monitors or/connected tvs, 6 headphones