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AslieMk is a performance duo project including the experiences of performative intervention, performative sculpture, site-specific installation with the keywords like psychogeography, cosmic, ghostly-becoming and material/immaterial.

The first performance, in 2012, began with their misunderstanding of a public WC construction in a forest as a cemetery which has remained from ancient civilizations. They organized a spiritual and a physical ritual within this space “To find out (free side)” as they named this ritual, they read William Gibson’s “Neuromancer” to the tombstones like a holy book and they attempted to decrypt the structure by their own devices. Their second performance “Eden” was performed at the same year, again in the public space. They thought that the abandoned historical swimming club where its walls covered by murals and graffitis was an inter-planetary tool-factory. In this tool-factory building, “Thing” and its guide “Engineer” prepared for an inter-dimeonsional journey where they will visit their ancestors. They read sacred texts from Stanislaw Lem’s “Eden” to each ancestor on the surfaces of the building in order to open the portals for this journey.

They continued their game-like performances in the abandoned places with the voice commands of Hakim Bey’s book “T.A.Z”. They blessed an old flour factory by occupying it with a performative intervention and redefine it in another dimension as a temporary autonomous zone.

In 2013 they performed “Unseen” which was the re-make of a poetic hallucination that Mk saw before. This performance where they experienced an interior gallery space for the first time, they intervened each other as two seperate beings and researched the eligibility boundaries of the conceptual essence between them.

In 2014, they repeated this research in an other interior space. These interior experiences coming after public space interventions brought them to the issue of subconscious. In Amber Fest “The Saints of The New Age”; they folded, warped internal/external and indirect/direct actions and created a new performative intermedia game. With the mapping of collective and individual subconsciouses which are supporting and sabotaging each other, they interweaved an invisible web between videos, photographs, sounds and people at the space.

“8” is the new performance series which they are currently working on and planning to share in 2016. The serie that is composed of 8 performances to be spread out throughout a year, integrates to the performative layers of their experiences and composes a spiral performance weave. “8” is a whole which is not monolothic but fluid in itself where codes, textures, memories, energies, auras are transferred from its open endings of tunnels, corridors, worm holes, spacetime warps, surfaces and reflections. It defines a new interconnecting performative becoming which is repeatedly built and unbuilt.




To find out (free side)


The photograph of AslieMk performance “Unseen” at “Pixel of Identities” exhibition is the main visual of Venice International Art Festival 2014.https://vimeo.com/63390308http://www.lucacurci.com/artexpo/opening-venice-cinema-performance-festival.htm


T.A.Z. (Geçici Otonom Bölgeler  ve Şiirsel Terörizm); 2013 “Bu göçebeler, güzergâhlarını tuhaf yıldızlara bakarak çiziyorlar, siberuzaydaki ışıltılı veri demetleri yahut belki de halüsinasyonlar. Bir arazi haritasını yere serin; üzerine bir politik değişim haritası döşeyin; onun da üstüne bir Ağ haritası, bilhassa da gizli istihbarat-akışı ve lojistik vurgusuyla karşı-Ağ ve en nihayetinde hepsinin de üstüne yaratıcı düşlemin, estetiğin ve değerlerin 1:1 ölçekli bir haritasını döşeyin. Ortaya çıkan şebeke, umulmadık anaforlar ve enerji dalgalarıyla, ışık pıhtılaşmalarıyla, gizli tünellerle, sürprizlerle canlanarak hayat kazanır.” (Hakim Bey) performans @ Street art Festival İstanbul 2013 

The Saints of The New Ages

AslieMk @ The Saints of The New Age;  2013 performance _ AmberFest’13;  45’


The performance series “8” began with “memory”.

“Memory” is an experiment of spatial encounters, where AslieMk nest audio recordings within one another, which belong to their memories linked with their different life periods. It is the overlapping of the frequency of the wishful lines from Mk’s childhood diary, with the wavelength of the conversations recorded by Aslı while staying up till dawn in a park. It is the act of reciprocal sabotage of the radio waves of the songs accompanied by Aslı and her father during a road-trip, and the frequencies of the naming of Mk, in a dream before his birth. AslieMk step by step occupy the time/location that they are in, with lunges at the two ends of an invisible boundary; while moving/replacing within the space the overlapping, sabotaging, intertwining frequencies and wavelengths.

Memory Performance