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Aslı Dinç (1985, Istanbul);
Aslı studied Painting at Marmara University, Istanbul. She continues her MA studies at Yıldız Technical University, Art and Design Program.

A large part of her oeuvre consists of videos, performances, installations and site-specific works.

She is an interdisciplinary artist focusing on concepts such as future-archaeology, dystopian aesthetic and psychogeography. These concepts can create changes or gaps in habits of thinking and in time perception, as in the concept of space-time.
Her research and artistic practice is related to observation, visualization, simulation or adaptation of these thinking practices
into an alternative reality.
Therefore, “Archaeology” and ”Dystopia” are the concepts that are frequently seen in her works.
Rather than thinking about the flow of time in a linear and single direction, she prefers taking actions intuitively to give a chance to probabilities that can open up new doors of perception.

Aslı has exhibited her multimedia installations and collective performance works in
Turkey and abroad such as Mexico, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Colombia, Hong Kong.

Aslı develops collective intervention by AslieMk which is a duo performance project since 2012 with Mk Yurttaş.

Lives and works in Istanbul.

2019 POST, 1a Space, Hong Kong
2019 Secreted Functions, Top Transdisciplinary Project Space, Berlin
2018 University as a Public Space, Transmaking Amberplatform, Bilgi University, Istanbul
2018 The University of the Underground (Sandberg Institute, MA programme) presents Reverse-engineering Economic Mania, Arter, 4th Istanbul Design Biennial, Istanbul
2018 Untie, Martch Art Project, Istanbul
2018 Bilocation, Autoscopy, Dedoublement and Other Third Things, “Needed: You, 672 hours Live Process”, Performistanbul, Istanbul
2017 15. Istanbul Biennial, performance for Pedro Gomez Egana’s “Domain of Things”, Istanbul
2017 In Situ, “Look Again” Performance Program, Pera Museum, İstanbul
2017 Concrete, “8” Performance Series, Art On Istanbul, İstanbul
2016 Contact, “8” Performance Series, Blok Art Space, İstanbul
2016 Memory, “8” Performance Series, Yer İstanbul, İstanbul
2015 Move, Nevin Aladağ’s Performance Project, Art International Fair, Istanbul
2014 Unseen, “Pixels of Identities”, Mixer, Istanbul
2013 The Saints of New Age, AmberFest’13, Pasaj, Istanbul
2013 T.A.Z and Poetic Terrorism, Street Art Festival, Istanbul
2013 Unseen, Pasajist, Istanbul
2012 Aden, Moda Burun, Istanbul
2012 To Find Out Freeside, “Atmosphere Art Projects”, Belgrad Forest, Istanbul

Group exhibitions:
2018 Memory – Hyperrequiem for Soil, Crop and Office – To find out Freeside, “Loading”, Pasajist, Istanbul
2016 Tribe16 International Art Festival, London
2016 Aden, 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial, Istanbul
2016 Passes 4, Contraattack, CKM, Istanbul
2016 Treasure room, Adahan -1 Gallery, Istanbul
2015 10th Contemporary Istanbul International Art Fair, Istanbul
2015 Echo of a distant time, Open Space Istanbul, Istanbul
2014 International Streaming Festival 9th Edition, Milan
2014 International Independent Film Festival of Villa Leyva, Colombia
2014 Samples- México: International Video Festival, Puebla
2014 “Kargaşa 14 Living Utopias, Another World is Possible!”, Karga, Istanbul
2014 Value Renovation, Berlin
2013 Aden, “Young, Fresh and Different”, Zilberman CDA Projects, Istanbul
2013 To find out freeside – Mamut Art Project, Istanbul
2013 Aden – 2013 Live Performers Meeting, Rome
2012 Festival of Art and Camping (V), Istanbul
2010 Ambiguous Situations, Yüksel Sabancı Art Center, Istanbul
2009 Tatbikat Exhibition and Opening Performance, Hafriyat, Istanbul
2008 Turkey spinal cord Injury Association Exhibition, Istanbul

2015 Casa dell’Arte International Art Residency Programme, Bodrum