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 Aunties; 2015   
Video Installation, 3’’ loop
Exploring the perception of time and space under the guidance of aunties.


Echo of a distant time; 2015
“Aslı Dinç will meet with the audience in the launching of Open Space Istanbul with her work entitled “Echo of a distant time”. The artist talks about her project as follows: “I came across the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus during the psychogeographic tours that I took during the Casa Dell’Arte Rezidans program. It is a mausoleum built for the King Mausolos by the order of his wife and
sister Artemisia. It is an open air museum which is also defined as one of the Seven Wonders of the World and is currently composed of just a great hollow. It is exactly this great ancient hollow where I discovered a time tunnel.There were channels opened to enable the blood to shed and to feed the entire mausoleum and the king in the other dimension in the offering ceremonies organized for the King Mausolos. While walking within the channel, I experienced being the gift offered to the King and making a short journey to a distant time.”

Billur Tansel

Diptych video installation; 36’’

The Spleen of everyday life ; 2014

Man with the fiddle, motorcycle and the lonely man; 1’6”

Guns n’ roses 13”


Spatial Memory Project; 2014


A store for recycling and recording spatial memories.