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Needed: You 672 hours live process


Curated by Simge BurhanoğluThe platform took the first step toward a new phase by presenting NEEDED: YOU, a long durational live process that lasted for 28 days, 672 hours straight with no intervals, ıt was held between 16 February – 16 March 2018 and by laying the foundations of Performistanbul Live Art Research Space, which will be Turkey’s first initiative, providing a dedicated space for performance art.The aim was to reveal the raw material of humanity; to remind the most primitive feelings in us. A long durational work had the power to trigger the transformation needed, and that’s why Needed: You present the process itself instead of offering a resolution. The aim behind this objective is to have the audience involved in the process and to give a mutually nourishing, pure experience. The audience is expected to enter the door unbiased; find a place of their own and feel valuable.

Supported by  ARF Group, Brandisyou, Digitalhouse, Dore Music, Ersa, Pieton, Roka Davet, Spot, Şerifoğlu İnşaat ve Mühendislik LTD., Timeout İstanbul.

Bilocation, Autoscopy, Dedoublement and Other Third


Bilocation, Autoscopy, Dedoublement and Other Third at AslieMk’s Time and Space Research Laboratory, lets the audience witness two science people experimenting with teleporting their clones of body images from one point to another. During each attempt at teleporting, their body-images separate into pieces and reunite back, multiplying within different time/space/conscious combinations.

Performance Documentation:

For us; Needed: You and our performance “Bilocation, Autoscopy, Dedoublement and Other Third Things” is the hybridization of our bodies and consciouses within each other and our machine collaborators in our machine/animal/lab/cocoon space through a 28 days process that consists subprocesses of decomposing, copying, cloning, radiating, miscomposing, forgetting, teleporting. In the beginning, we named this machine/animal/lab/cocoon space as AslieMk’s Time and Space Research Laboratory. In this hybrid space, we experienced our embodiment through experiments with these subprocesses. We took notes and photos, made stock sheets, wrote diaries, drew diagrams and sketches, copied and reproduced drawings, read, listened and projected texts on our walls, and watched videos or movie parts such as Ghost in the Shell, Videodrome, Her, The Imitation Game, All is full of Love, recorded sounds, reproduced and projected these movie parts through the semitransparent skin of our cocoon. The process which began as we were being seen or witnessed as two science people experimenting on the process of teleporting their clones of body-images from one point to another; turned into a decentered daily ecosystem by our every attempt of (conceptually) teleporting our hybrid-machine-body-images. Every time we decomposed our body images into pieces through machines and they recomposed themselves back randomly in a certain telepoint, hence our bodies were multiplied within different time/space/conscious combinations at the end of 28 days.

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